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The industry 4.0 solution “4tasks” from SKALERO is a tool by which the quality of many work processes can be improved without much effort. 4tasks is a platform for the cross-departmental management of tasks and disturbances. The software is intuitive, brings transparency to your business and provides an integrated escalation management.


Product Description

The application is restricted after 100 users. If your company’s needs exceed this amount of users an upgrade can be purchased from Skalero directly. On demand, Skalero provides the support for a deep integration of 4tasks into your business processes, as well as an integrated solution for the Andon Cord functionality. Please refer to the vendor information to receive more information.


  • Faster issue and disturbance dissolution
  • Reduced process costs
  • Increased process quality
  • Increased transparency along the value chain
  • Ensured handling of each task
  • Continuous improvement processes are supported


In the corporate world it is often difficult to manage disturbances, tasks and escalation processes efficiently across departments. Incomplete information and unclear responsibilities often lead to email flooding and a wave of telephone inquiries. Relevant information may get lost. Important and urgent tasks are left undone or their status remains unclear to the various stakeholders.

The industry 4.0 solution “4tasks” from SKALERO is a tool through which the quality of many work processes can be improved without great effort. Even the most perfectly coordinated processes have their weaknesses. How do managers notice disturbances in the production? How do employees address these disturbances or issues if they are unsolvable on-site? How do employees find the right contact person in the maze of departments? 4tasks is a platform for the cross-departmental management of disturbances, improvements, tasks and goals and provides the most efficient answer for all these questions.

A single push on a button will create and transmit a task that will lead to the dissolution of the disturbance. Contact persons can be linked to tasks that lie within their field of work. All tasks are clearly structured and visualized, if the intended contact person is not responsive in a determined amount of time, the task will be forwarded to the next in line. This way, no tasks will be left undone or forgotten. The status of each task is transparent and comprehensible for all stakeholders at all times.

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4tasks is intuitive, brings transparency to your business and provides an integrated escalation management. With 4tasks you can ensure that important information gets to where it is needed.

The 4tasks application is a monthly billed subscription with a 1-month commitment. It renews automatically, the cancellation is possible monthly and the usage is limited. The monthly fee is 320 EUR. The application is restricted to 100 users. If your company’s needs exceed this amount of users an upgrade can be purchased.

Terms of Use (Last updated: April 20, 2016)


Subject is the use of the cloud edition of the Software “4tasks” by SKALERO GmbH, Friedrichring 30, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau („SKALERO“) which is offered as „Software as a Service“ by AXOOM GmbH, Vincenz-Prießnitz-Str. 1, 76131 Karlsruhe („AXOOM“). For other editions of 4tasks –especially the „on premise“ editions, which are installed at the site of the customer- other terms and agreements may apply.

SKALERO GmbH offers a web-based enterprise task management software (“Software”), which helps customers to reliably manage tasks across departments as a team. 4tasks offers a structured way to communicate and process tasks. With 4tasks automated escalations can delegate tasks according to a preset pattern, if they are not resolved within the agreed timeframe.

These Terms of Use (“ToU”) govern the relationship between SKALERO and Customer with regard to the chargeable use of the Software. Services offered by SKALERO are exclusively aimed at entrepreneurs.

1 Contract object and conclusion of contract

  1. These ToU apply to the utilization of the Software of SKALERO by Customer. Customer’s terms and conditions only become part of the contract if explicitly agreed upon in written form.
  2. Use of the Software is only offered to entrepreneurs according to Sec. 14 German Civil Code (“BGB”). An entrepreneur means a natural or legal person or a partnership with legal personality who or which, when entering into a legal transaction, acts in exercise of his or its trade, business or profession.
  3. Regarding contract conclusion, the terms and conditions of the AXOOM business platform „AXOOM Store“ do apply.

2 Services of SKALERO

  1. SKALERO provides the Software on the AXOOM business platform „AXOOM Store“ limited in time to the duration of the contract exclusively for retrieval by Customer via internet (“Software-as-a-Service”). AXOOM is responsible for operation and maintenance in terms of hosting of the application. Place of transfer of services is the exit of the router of the data centre. Customer has to ensure autonomously to be able to receive the services. In particular, the provision of necessary hard- and software by SKALERO is not part of this contract. Customer has no right to claim access to source code of the Software provided by SKALERO. Customer shall be solely responsible for the use and configuration of the online-platform.
  2. The exact scope of the Software provided by SKALERO arises from the respective current description of services, which can be accessed under www.4tasks.de.
  3. AXOOM is responsible for availability in terms of hosting the Software and for backups of Software and stored data from the Customers. It is not obliged to individually review correctness or completeness of the backup nor is such a review performed.
  4. SKALERO is not responsible for limited availability of the Software due to limitation of the hosting by AXOOM. Excluding restrictions imposed by limited hosting, the Software is 99% available on annual average. This excludes necessary scheduled maintenance work and disturbances which are not within the scope of influence of SKALERO, including but not limited to force majeure. SKALERO will inform Customer about scheduled maintenance work in time if possible and in written form (email shall be deemed sufficient) addressed to the contact person communicated to SKALERO. Nevertheless, SKALERO has the right to carry out maintenance work without prior notice if necessary, especially if this is required for data protection and operational safety reasons.
  5. SKALERO provides Customer with a documentation of the Software as well as information on its use in German and/or English language in electronic form online on demand. Customer is not entitled to edit or distribute the documentation or the information on its use or to make any of it publicly available.
  6. SKALERO is entitled to assign sub-contractors as agents for the provision of the services at its own discretion.
  7. SKALERO is entitled but not obliged to increase and develop the Software’s scope of functions. SKALERO reserves the right to offer add-ons and upgrades only subject to additional charge. If Customer books a fee-based add-on or upgrade with a respective additional agreement to this contract, these ToU shall apply accordingly to the additional agreement. If SKALERO offers increased or additional functions for free after conclusion of contract, these functions are considered as voluntary services of SKALERO.
  8. SKALERO may change the scope of functions of the Software at any time to a level reasonable for Customer. Change is reasonable if it is required due to an important reason – e.g. as of disturbances in provision of services by sub-contractors or for security reasons – and the characteristics within the service description substantially remain unaffected, as well as the major obligations of SKALERO. If changes do not solely regard add-ons or unsubstantial elements of the services SKALERO is obliged to provide, SKALERO will inform Customer about the changes at least four (4) weeks in advance via e-mail.
  9. SKALERO is entitled to disable Customer’s access to the Software if a) there are indications that Customer’s access data was or is misused or the access data was or is made available to an unauthorized third party or if access data is used by more than one natural person; b) there are indications that a third party gains access to the Software provided to Customer in any other way; c) disabling access is necessary for technical reasons; d) SKALERO is legally, judicially or officially obliged to disable Customer’s access; e) Customer is in default with the agreed payment for more than two weeks; f) Customer used wrong or invalid contact data and a communication between SKALERO and Customer is no longer possible; g) Customer provided wrong payment data and Customer’s regular fulfilment of contractual obligations is not guaranteed. SKALERO shall inform Customer about disabling access at least one business day before coming into force in written or textual form, as long as the announcement is reasonable considering both parties’ interests and the purpose of disabling.

3 Customer obligations

  1. Customer is obliged to keep access data safe and may only disclose this data to authorized employees. Customer undertakes to obligate its employees to confidential handling of access data and immediately inform SKALERO if there are any indications that access data became known to a third party.
  2. Customer is obliged to backup its data regularly and adequately to the risk, as far as it is technically possible.
  3. Customer grants SKALERO a simple, spatially and temporally unlimited right to use all content which it transfers to the server of SKALERO by using the Software, to the extent that SKALERO may use the content as far as it is necessary for fulfilment of the contract with Customer, including but not limited to the right to reproduce content and to grant access to third parties according to Customer’s settings. SKALERO is entitled to grant sublicenses to its agents, as far as it is necessary for fulfilment of the contract. Apart from that, the right to use is non-transferable. SKALERO is entitled, to hold back content beyond the duration of the contract as long as it is technically or legally necessary. In particular, SKALERO is entitled to keep backup copies of Customer generated content and to save information necessary for bookkeeping, documentation or billing purposes temporarily or permanently.
  4. Customer guarantees to comply with all applicable legal provisions when using the Software, especially regarding copyright and data protection law. Customer shall indemnify SKALERO from any third party claims which a third party should make against SKALERO with regard to Customer’s use of the Software. SKALERO will inform Customer immediately about third party claims and will provide information and documents necessary for defense upon request. Additionally, SKALERO will either leave defense to Customer or carry out defense in consultation with Customer. SKALERO will not acknowledge or agree or not agree upon facts that have not yet been proven regarding any third party claims without prior consultation with Customer. These provisions apply respectively to contractual penalties as well as official or judicial administrative fines, as far as Customer is responsible.
  5. Important:
    The Customer never uses the communication of 4tasks in the case of a life threatening situation or in another critical emergency, especially if life, the integrity of the body or a person’s health is at risk, to notify emergency services of the whereabouts or to request help. In this case, the Customer uses the local PSAP or locally valid emergency contacts.

4 Remuneration

  1. In this regard, the payment terms, prices and other conditions of AXOOM business platform „AXOOM Store“ do apply.

5 Warranty

  1. SKALERO is liable for defects when providing the Software exclusively according to the following provisions.
  2. Defects are substantial deviations of the scope of functions of the Software contractually agreed upon.
  3. If the services SKALERO is obliged to fulfil under this agreement are faulty, SKALERO will improve or re-provide the services within a reasonable period and upon written com-plaint by Customer. When using third party software, which SKALERO licensed for the use by Customer, correction of faults is limited to procurement and installation of generally available updates, upgrades or patches. Improvement includes provision of instructions with which Customer is able to work around defects in a reasonable way in order to use the Software as agreed upon.
  4. If provision of services without defects is not possible even within the reasonable period of time set up by Customer due to reasons SKALERO is to be held responsible for, Customer may reduce the agreed upon remuneration by a reasonable amount. The right of reduction is limited to the amount of the monthly price regarding the defective part of service.
  5. If reduction according to Section 5.4 reaches the maximum amount established in Section 5.4 in two consecutive months or in two months of a quarter, Customer may terminate the contract without prior notice.
  6. Customer will inform SKALERO about potentially appearing defects immediately in written form or via e-mail to the contact person SKALERO named in the contract form. Additionally, Customer will support SKALERO with repair of defects free of charge and will provide all information and documents necessary for analysis and remedy of defects.
  7. More detailed and other claims and rights of Customer due to defects as in this number do not exist, as long as SKALERO is not further liable according to further binding legal regulations. Section 6 of this contract remains unaffected.

6 Damages and Liability

  1. In case of personal injury or death to persons as well as for deliberate and gross negligent actions, SKALERO has unlimited liability.
  2. SKALERO shall be liable for slight negligent action only in cases of a breach of a duty essential to the purposes of this agreement (“wesentliche Vertragspflicht”). Duties are considered essential if necessary for the due execution of the agreement so Customer can regularly expect proper observation.
  3. In the events of Section 6.2, SKALERO’s liability for any lack of commercial results, indirect damages and loss of profits is excluded.
  4. Liability according to Section 6.2 shall be limited to typical and foreseeable damages at the time of conclusion of contract.
  5. Liability for loss of data in the event of Section 6.2 shall be limited to typical recovery costs which arise if backup copies are regularly made in appropriate relation to the risk of such loss.
  6. Limitations of liability shall also apply to employees, sub-contractors and agents of SKALERO.
  7. A potential liability of SKALERO for any guarantees or claims based on Product Liability Law remains unaffected.
  8. Further liability of SKALERO is excluded.

7 Duration and termination

  1. In regard of duration and termination, the conditions of AXOOM business platform „AXOOM Store“ do apply.
  2. Additionally, SKALERO is entitled to terminate the contract without notice if Customer is in default with agreed-upon payment for more than six (6) weeks and if SKALERO informed Customer of intended termination in written form (email shall be deemed sufficient) at least two (2) weeks before the termination is supposed to come into force.
  3. SKALERO reserves the right to limit or discontinue functionality of the Software for other reasons than named in Section 2.7 and Section 2.8 under the prerequisites of Section 8.
  4. Termination for good cause remains unaffected for both parties.
  5. SKALERO is entitled but not obliged to save data for security reasons for a period of four (4) weeks beyond termination of contract in order to protect Customer from inadvertent loss of data. Additionally, SKALERO is entitled to keep data beyond duration of contract if SKALERO is legally or officially obliged, especially under commercial or tax law.

8 Amendments to these ToU

  1. These ToU between Customer and SKALERO can be amended by respective separate agreements as follows: SKALERO communicates the amended conditions before intended effectiveness in written form (email shall be deemed sufficient) and highlights the regulations to be amended as well as the date of the intended entry into force. Besides, SKALERO will grant Customer a reasonable, at least two (2) month period for declaring approval or objection with the amended TOU for further use of services. If SKALERO does not receive any declaration of Customer within this period, which begins with receipt of the written announcement, the amended terms are considered agreed upon. SKALERO will inform Customer separately about the legal consequences at the beginning of the period, including the right to object, the period to object and the relevance of remaining silent.

9 Final provisions

  1. Amendments and additional agreements to this contract need to be in written form. This also includes this written form clause.
  2. Customer’s right to exercise set-offs against claims of SKALERO are limited to counter-claims, which are undisputed or affirmed by a legally binding adjudication or those which are part of a reciprocal agreement (“synallagmatic relation”) towards the respective claim.
  3. Language of contract is German. Translations to other languages only serve comprehensibility and are not legally binding.
  4. The agreement is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany with exclusion of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods (UN sales law).
  5. Exclusive venue for any and all disputes with regard to this contract is Freiburg im Breisgau, provided the parties of the contract are merchants or Customer has no place of general jurisdiction in Germany or in another member state of the European Union or its permanent or habitual residence is transferred abroad after entry into force of these TOU or permanent or habitual residence is not known at the time the action is filed.

10 Data Protection

  1. The PROVIDER shall solely use personal data to process the Client’s order and support services. The PROVIDER shall not forward the personal data, including the Client’s name, address or e-mail address, to third parties without the Client’s expressed consent, which can be withdrawn at any time. This shall exclude our service partners, who need to receive the data to process the order and perform the service (e.g. subcontractors commissioned to perform the hosting or to process the payments). In these cases, however, the scope of the data provided shall be kept to the necessary minimum.

11 Place of Fulfilment and Place of Jurisdiction

  1. German Federal law shall exclusively apply. The application of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.
  2. The place of fulfilment is the registered office of the PROVIDER
  3. In so far as is legally permissible, the place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes between the parties shall be the registered office of the PROVIDER.
  4. The client shall only be entitled to transfer rights and obligations to a third party following written authorization from the PROVIDER.

12 Final Provisions; Severability Clause

  1. These General Terms and Conditions together with the individual agreements entered into between the parties form the overall contractual agreement. In the event of any conflicts between these General Terms and Conditions and the provisions of an individual agreement, the provisions of the individual agreement shall take precedence.
  2. Any General Terms and Conditions of the client that contradict these provisions shall be invalid. Their validity is expressly excluded by the contracting parties.
  3. Should one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective or void, this shall not affect the effectiveness or validity of the remaining provisions.
  4. In addition, are lower rank to the provisions of this AGREEMENT our terms and conditions apply, which are available on www.4tasks.de/agb.

SKALERO GmbH offers development, sales and customer-specific customizing of software as well as consulting services in the field of information technology and business processes.

In November 2015, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg thanked SKALERO GmbH and appreciated the excellent innovation performance: For the development and implementation of “4tasks”  as an exemplary industry 4.0 solution. SKALERO GmbH received the “100 places Industry 4.0” award.

SKALERO GmbH is a member of the Innovation Network “Production Work 4.0” of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.


E-mail: info@skalero.de