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XETICS LEAN supports production in the optimization and operational processing . Moreover XETICS LEAN enables seamless tracking of orders and batches (pearls) in production. Individual production cells are displayed simply and fast, according to the value stream.

Xetics GmbH

Product Description


  • Seamless tracking of orders and batches
  • Data conveniently available via mobile devices
  • Increased transparency
  • Helps identifying weak spots


XETICS LEAN supports production in the optimization and operational processing. Moreover, XETICS LEAN enables the seamless tracking of orders and batches (pearls) in the production. Individual production silos in individual locations are displayed simply and fast, according to the value stream.

To implement XETICS LEAN, stations and components, component carriers, or transportation containers are provided with smart labels (for example, bar code, Data Matrix code, RF–ID or NFC). The data acquisition conveniently occurs through mobile terminals (Android or iOS) or through the computer via common web-browsers. With a high degree of automation, machines and equipment can be integrated complementarily through their controls.

For an implementation according to the pull-principal, stations, products and product variants are defined or adopted from existing IT-systems and integrated. Using XETICS LEAN, orders and batches are controlled and monitored in the line via mobile terminals. This leads to an information system with an integrated production management (e-Kanban) as well as the reading of parameter data and product-specific machine programs and recipes. Parameter data is shown transparently on mobile terminals in all popular formats, even image sequences and videos.

Capture operating machine and quality data with mobile terminals. The complete illustration of your data, from operations and machine data to quality data, provide a comprehensive overview. This creates a contextual database which helps identifying weak spots.

Shift schedules per station and per employee can be administered for the continuous calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs), like for example the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Installation times and planned, as well as unplanned downtimes can be measured. Current information like the availability, the capacity utilization, the output and the quality are continuously processed in the background. Through the dashboard you have a secure access to all data, anytime and anywhere. Additionally, you can access your data conveniently through mobile devices for example iPhone and Android devices at all times.

Material consumption and procurement are key processes that need to be integrated into the entire production process. Only under these circumstances are all the numbers and data available for the production planning in order to respond to fluctuations.

The value stream is crucial for the operation of XETICS LEAN. Starting with office workplaces preparing for dispatch, all important steps are displayed. An unlimited number of stations can be added to processes as skills.

Our cloud-based servers (SaaS) are ready for you for a flexible start and quick introduction to XETICS LEAN. The modern user interface accessible via the web-browser and the mobile devices achieve the first success within a few days.

Integrated business software (SAP, Excel, u.v.m.) can be supplied with data and enabled for data collection.
Your data is encrypted, the IT infrastructure is always up to date and backs up continuously.

For further information please consult the Xetics website at: www.xetics.com/axoom